Ventura County is located on California's Pacific coast about
65 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.  Established in 1873, it has a population of over 823,000 people and covers 1,845 square miles.

Presiding Judge:  Hon. Kevin G. DeNoce
Court Executive Officer:  Brenda L. McCormick


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For Civil, Probate, Small Claims, Appeals, and Mental Health case types, the Court has deployed a new case management system: eCourt. Access to case information for eCourt cases is available at:

Please Note: Documents submitted through eDelivery are not automatically filed and instead must be processed and entered into the case management system for filing by the Clerk’s Offices. eDelivery should not be confused with eFiling, which the Court expects to adopt for Civil, Probate, Appeals, and other case types at some point in 2024. Because of the time associated with processing eDelivery documents, parties are also reminded to adhere to filing deadlines applicable by statute and court rule (or court order). The Civil Department alone, receives approximately on average over 200 submissions a day, which can include multiple documents. Because of the volume of documents submitted by eDelivery and staffing shortages in the Clerk’s Office, late documents submitted for filing by eDelivery, including, but not limited to – replies, stipulations to continue a hearing, notices of remote appearance, and case management statements - may not be processed timely for hearings.

Notice re: Civil & Probate Conformed Copies - Effective 5/16/23

Appointments are required for service at the Civil, Small Claims and Family Law Clerks’ Offices at the Hall of Justice (Ventura) and at the Clerk’s Office at the Juvenile Courthouse (Oxnard). Appointments are also required for Family Law and Civil Self-Help; Records & Exhibits; Collections; and Family Law Mediation. (See below: “Schedule an Appointment”). Walk-in service is not currently available. No appointments are necessary for the outside walk-up windows at the Hall of Justice and the East County Courthouse (Simi Valley) which are open for Criminal/Traffic and Collection Filings/Payments.

E-Delivery and the drop boxes at the Hall of Justice and the Juvenile Courthouse are available for Civil, Small Claims, Family Law, Probate, and Appeals filings up to 4 p.m., Monday - Friday. Documents may also be submitted through U.S. mail.

Remote appearance may be available for certain hearings. Click on Remote Appearances below for more information about the process to request a remote appearance in Civil, Family Law and Probate hearings. You can also visit the Divisions tab for your type of case to see what type of appearance may be available.

The court continues to broadcast live audio streams of certain court proceedings pursuant to the provisions and limitations of Amended Administrative Order 21.25.

Civil Mandatory Settlement Conferences are conducted in Courtroom 22. If a party/attorney is not able to appear remotely using the Zoom platform they are to contact the Courtroom 22 judicial secretary for a continuance. (Please consult the “Civil” Divisions tab on this website for further details).

Summoned jurors are to check the Jury Service page on this website for reporting times and other updates.

For criminal hearings and trials, if you are currently represented by the Public Defender – contact your assigned attorney BEFORE coming to court for instructions. If you have a hearing on calendar for a MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY, visit Online Public Access for your specific case information. If you are unable to hire your own attorney --- you may contact the Public Defender’s Office.

COVID-19 Court User Updates
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Locations, Directions & Other Information

Ventura - Hall of Justice

800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, California 93009

Office Hours Monday - Friday
Individual department hours vary.
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Oxnard - Juvenile Courthouse

4353 E. Vineyard Avenue
Oxnard, California 93036

Office Hours Monday - Friday
Individual department hours vary.
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Simi Valley - East County Courthouse

3855-F Alamo Street
Simi Valley, California 93063

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