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Judicial Assignments

Ventura Courthouse

The Ventura Courthouse (Hall of Justice) is located at 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, California.  [Map]

The following judicial assignments are effective as of February 9, 2015.

CourtroomJudicial OfficerTitleCalendar Type
10Hon. Michael S. LiefJudgeCriminal
11Hon. Roger L. LundJudgeCriminal
12Hon. David M. HirschJudgeCriminal Early Disposition Conferences
13Hon. Jeffrey G. BennettSupervising Criminal JudgeMaster Criminal Calendar
14Hon. Patricia M. MurphyJudgePreliminary Hearings
20 Hon. Tari L. CodyJudgeCivil Trials, Law & Motion
21Hon. Kent M. KellegrewSupervising Civil JudgeCivil Trials, Law & Motion
22Hon. Frederick H. Bysshe, Jr.JudgeCivil, Mandatory Settlement Conferences
22BVacant Civil Case Management Hearings
23Hon. Anthony J. SaboCommissionerUnlawful Detainers, Small Claims, Criminal
24Hon. Nancy L. AyersJudgeCriminal Jury Trials
25Hon. Gilbert A. RomeroJudgeCriminal Jury Trials
26Hon. Kevin G. DeNoceJudgeCriminal Jury Trials
27Hon. Ryan J. WrightJudgeCriminal Jury Trials
31Hon. John R. SmileyJudgeFamily Law
32Hon. Manuel J. CovarrubiasJudgeFamily Law
33Hon. William Q. LiebmannSupervising Family Law JudgeFamily Law
34Hon. Michele M. CastilloCommissionerFamily Law, Domestic Violence & Harassment Hearings
35Hon. JoAnn JohnsonCommissionerFamily Law
36Hon. Donald D. ColemanPresiding JudgeCriminal
37Hon. Colleen Toy WhiteJudgeCriminal - Domestic Violence, Drug Court
40Hon. Rebecca S. RileyJudgeCivil Trials, Law & Motion
41Hon. Vincent J. O'NeillJudgeCivil Trials, Law & Motion
42Hon. Henry J. WalshJudgeCivil Trials, Law & Motion
43 Hon. Rocky J Baio JudgeCivil Trials, Law & Motion
44Vacant Criminal Jury Trials
45Hon. Mark S. BorrellJudgeCriminal Jury Trials
46Hon. Matthew P. GuascoJudgeCriminal Jury Trials
47Hon. David R. WorleyJudgeCriminal Jury Trials
48Hon. F. Dino InumerableJudgeCriminal Jury Trials

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