Ventura County Local Forms

Ventura County local forms are provided in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the forms. For state forms, please visit the Judicial Council Website. For form packets, please visit our Form Packets page.

  Number Document Revision Date
MandatoryVN202Adoption Agreement (Adult)01/09
VN001Affidavit/Certificate/Declaration for Subpoena Duces Tecum07/03
VN002Affidavit/Certificate/Declaration for Subpoena Duces Tecum Re: Deposition07/03
MandatoryVN243Agreement and Order Re Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore07/16
VN242Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Information07/12
VN004Amendment to Complaint07/03
VN107Answer to an Unlawful Detainer Complaint - Instructions Only07/13
VN005Application and Declaration for Issuance of Writ of Possession07/03
VN188Application and Order for Fee Waiver for Petition For Dismissal01/19
VN006Application and Order to Serve Summons by Posting - Unlawful Detainer07/03
VN007Application for Issuance of Writ of Execution07/03
VN008Application for Order for Publication of Summons/Citation07/11
MandatoryVN190Application for Real Property Equity Bond and Delcaration of Property Owner(s)01/08
VN186Attachment to Family Law Judgment (Property and Debt)01/06
VN237Attachment to Financial Statement (Simplified)01/11
MandatoryVN009Award of Arbitrator07/12
VN245Calendaring Request and Notice Supporting Declaration (Juvenile Dependency)01/13
VN260Can't Afford to Pay Fine: Traffic and Other Infractions 01/20
MandatoryVN194Certificate of Acceptance01/08
MandatoryVN012Certificate of Competency to Practice in Juvenile Dependency Court01/08
VN015Certificate Re Disqualification of Judge (CCP 170.6)07/03
VN223Citation Regarding Petition to Declare Child Free From Parental Custody and Control01/09
VN251Citation to Appear at Hearing to Find Parent's Consent Not Necessary for Child's Adoption07/23
VN175Clerk's Certificate of Costs (CCP 668.090)01/04
VN138Clerk's Certificate Re Satisfaction of Judgement01/06
VN215Conditional Settlement Agreement for Judgment Creditor Cases – Small Claims07/09
MandatoryVN248Confidential Ex Parte / Temporary Conservatorship Information Summary (For Court Investigator)01/15
MandatoryVN182Confirmation of Viewing Conservatorship Video 01/22
MandatoryVN189Consent for Court Assignment (Family Law)07/12
MandatoryVN203Consent of Spouse to Adoption (Adult)01/08
MandatoryVN233Conservatorship Care Plan / Status Report 01/24
MandatoryVN262Conservatorship Preliminary / Interim Financial Declaration 01/21
VN140Declaration for Entry of Satisfaction of Judgment07/05
VN032Declaration in Proceedings Against Joint Debtor07/03
MandatoryVN033Declaration in Support of Deficiency Judgment on Sale of Vehicle07/12
VN115Declaration in Support of Dissomaster Calculations07/03
VN261Declaration of Due Diligence and Request for Order Dispensing with Notice07/20
VN210Declaration of Due Diligence in Attempts to Locate Alleged Natural Father (Step-Parent Adoption [Family Code Sections 7665, 7666]07/08
VN028Declaration of Re Ex Parte Notice 01/14
MandatoryVN269 Declaration Re: Firearms, Firearms Parts, and Ammunition Ownership01/24
VN143Dispute Settlement - Small Claims07/13
VN209Ex Parte Application for Order Dispensing with Notice to Unknown Father or to Alleged Father Whose Wherabouts Remain Unknown and Terminating Parental Rights; Order (Step-Parent Adoption) [Family Code Sections 7665, 7666]07/09
VN234Ex Parte Application for Temporary Guardianship07/14
MandatoryVN130Ex Parte Petition to Access an Unlawful Detainer Action (Limited Civil Case) - CCP 1161.207/03
MandatoryVN163Family Court Services Intake Questionnaire07/09
MandatoryVN263Family Law Status Conference Procedural Milestones07/22
VN208Findings and Orders Regarding Paternity and Terminating Parental Rights of Alleged Natural Father (Step-Parent Adoption) (Family Code 7664)07/08
MandatoryVN042Guardianship Questionnaire (Probate Code Section 1513)07/09
VN267Informal Accounting - Blocked Accounts [Confidential] 01/22
VN043Information Release Authorization07/03
MandatoryVN219Joint Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement01/11
VN049Judgment on Sister State Judgment07/03
VN236List of Property and Debts07/11
VN231Mailing Address of Parent07/10
VN185Marital/Partnership Settlement Agreement (Attachment to Judgment)07/22
VN146Motion for Order Continuing07/22
VN160Motion for Order Releasing Evidence07/12
VN147Motion for Order Setting Aside/Vacating Default/Staying Execution of Judgment (Civil)01/10
VN270Notice of Appeal – Administrative Hearing (Menacing Dog)01/24
MandatoryVN225Notice of Appeal – Parking07/09
VN058Notice of Arbitration Hearing Date07/12
VN059Notice of Conditional Settlement and Voluntary Dismissal07/03
VN257Notice of Filing; Determination of Conservatee's Appropriate Level of Care; Conservatorship Status Report; Conservatorship Care Plan07/19
VN060Notice of Filing of Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitaion and Pardon07/12
VN206Notice of Hearing to Determine Paternity and to Terminate Parental Rights of Natural Father (Step-Parent Adoption) [Family Code Section 7664]07/08
VN153 Notice of Motion and Motion to Pay Judgment in Installments and for Stay of Execution of Judgment 01/20
VN197Notice of Motion and Motion to Transfer Case to Appropriate Court01/08
VN062Notice of Partial Settlement01/07
VN246Notice of Posting Advance Jury Fees07/13
VN207Notice to Alleged Father of Right to File Action to Determine Paternity [Family Code 7662(A)(2)]07/08
VN214Objection to Motion for Visitation [Guardianship]07/08
VN213Objection to Petition for Appointment of Guardian [Probate Code 1514, Ventura Court Local Rule 10.00 F.4]07/08
VN162Order (Civil)07/12
MandatoryVN192Order Approving Property Equity Bond01/08
VN170Order Confirming Arbitration Award07/03
VN212Order Dispensing With Further Notice to Alleged Natural Father and Terminating Parental Rights (Step-Parent Adoption) [Family Code Sections 7630(c), 7664(a)]07/08
VN155Order for Continuance (Civil)07/22
VN268Order for Investigation and Report - Family Code Sections 7850 and 785101/24
VN154Order for Payment of Judgement in Installments and for Stay of Execution of Judgment01/20
VN067Order for Publication of Summons or Citation01/05
VN148Order Granting Motion for Order Setting Aside/Vacating Default/Staying Execution of Judgment (Civil)07/10
MandatoryVN204Order of Adoption (Adult)01/21
VN235Order on Ex Parte Application for Temporary Guardianship07/14
VN161Order Releasing Evidence07/01
VN198Order Transferring Case to Appropriate Court01/08
VN254Order - Visitation (Guardianship Case)01/19
VN240Parentage Agreement01/12
MandatoryVN201Petition for Approval of Adoption Agreement (Adult)01/21
MandatoryVN200Petition for Authorization to Inspect Adoption and Birth Record Information and to Obtain Copies01/10
VN075Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitaion and Pardon07/12
VN241Petition for Dismissal of an Infraction01/12
VN211Petition for Order Dispensing With Further Notice to Alleged Natural Father and Terminating Alleged Natural Father’s Parental Rights (Step-Parent Adoption) [Family Code Section 7630(c), 7664(a)]07/08
VN172Petition for Restricted License (Adult) 01/24
VN173Petition for Restricted License (Juvenile)07/05
VN205Petition to Determine Parental Rights of Alleged Natural Father and to Terminate the Parental Rights of Alleged Natural Father (Step-Parent Adoption) [FC 7630, 7660 Et Seq]07/08
VN125Petitioner's/Respondent's Statement of Agreement and Disagreement07/13
Plead Paper - Blank
MandatoryVN135 Probate / Paternal Rights; Fax for Continuance01/22
MandatoryVN191Promissory Note Re: Property Equity Bond01/08
VN258Proof of Service by Mail for Notice of Filing07/19
VN255Proof of Service by Mail of Request for Visitation (Guardianship Case)01/19
VN120Proof of Service - Family Law07/13
MandatoryVN195Property Bond Information Sheet07/16
VN266Records Request Form07/22
VN132Release of Medical Information01/02
VN133Release of School Information07/12
VN084Request and Order Appointing Probate Referee07/09
VN156Request and Order for Publication or Posting05/21
MandatoryVN230Request for Continuance07/13
VN249Request for Copy of Juvenile Case File/Document01/16
MandatoryVN193Request for Copy of Notice of Default and Sale07/16
VN085Request for Court Appointed Counsel and Hearing07/03
VN250Request for Interpreter07/23
VN250sp Request for Interpreter (Solicitud Para Intérprete)07/16
VN086Request/Counter Request for Mandatory Settlement Conference/Trial Setting (Family Law) 01/13
VN179Request for Relief from Default, Extension of Time to File Appellant's Opening Brief; Declaration and Order07/09
VN180Request for Relief from Default, Extension of Time to File Statement On Appeal; Declaration and Order07/09
VN256Request for Removal of Co-Guardianship and Issue Amended Letters of Guardianship01/19
VN220Request for Report from Human Services01/11
VN171 Request for Visitation (Guardianship) 01/19
VN139Small Claims Information Sheet 05/21
VN187Small Claims Itemization of Debt Attachment07/07
VN224Small Claims Settlement Agreement07/09
VN239Statement of Legal Grounds for Petition to Terminate Parental Rights07/11
VN065Statement Re: Warrant07/16
VN152Stipulation and Order for Payment of Judgment in Installments (Limited Civil)07/03
 VN118Stipulation and Order for Private Mediation 07/20
VN103Stipulation and Order on Order to Show Cause; Settlement Agreement at Time of Trial; Continuance Dates07/13
VN093Stipulation for Judgment and Judgment (Civil)07/03
VN244Stipulation to Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore01/13
VN259Stipulation to Bar Access to Record of Unlawful Detainer Action07/19
VN164Stipulation to Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Process01/02
VN100Verification of Translation07/03
VN131Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure07/03
VN174Writ of Execution - Attachment 2001/04
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