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Judicial Assignments

Juvenile Courthouse

The Juvenile Courthouse is located at 4353 E. Vineyard Avenue, Oxnard, California.  [Map]

The following judicial assignments are effective as of February 3, 2014.

CourtroomJudicial OfficerTitleCalendar Type
J1Hon. Bruce A. YoungJudgeJuvenile Dependency / Adoption / Unified Family / Guardianship
J3Hon. Kevin J. McGeeJudgeJuvenile Delinquency
J4Hon. David R. WorleySupervising Juvenile JudgeJuvenile Divison
J5Hon. William R. RedmondCommissionerAdult and Juvenile Traffic Court Trials / Juvenile Infraction Arraignments / Juvenile Low-Level Arraignments and Contests
J6Hon. Glen M. ReiserJudgeProbate / Conservatorship

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