Court Mediation Program

Court Mediation Program

Mediation Panel - The Ventura Superior Court has maintained a mediation program since April 1, 1993. Its goals are to speed resolution of cases by bringing the parties together before they have made a major economic and emotional investment in litigation, and to increase awareness of this effective method of alternative dispute resolution.

Mediators need not be attorneys, but must have 25 hours of formal mediation training by a recognized mediation training/education provider. Mediator duties include a brief review/preparation time and three hours of hearing time on a pro bono basis and pursuant to such rules as may be designated for mediators by the Ventura Superior Court.

Applications are submitted to the civil manager and reviewed by the Court’s Mediation Committee. Applicants are asked to submit copies of certificates of completion for the mediation training programs attended with their application. Four references are also required.

Once approved, applicants are sent an information packet and commitment form to indicate the dates they are available to facilitate the mediation of cases. Upon receipt of the commitment form, the new mediator’s name will be placed on the Court’s Civil Mediator Approved Panel. Those with training, but little experience, will be assigned to work with another mediator until they are approved to mediate independently.

Party Pay Mediation Panel – The court has a second mediation panel where mediators are paid by the parties rather than offering their services pro bono. To be eligible to be on the “party pay” panel, the mediator shall have completed 25 hours of formal mediation training and have participated as mediator a minimum of 25 court assigned mediations with a minimum hearing time of two hours each from any California Superior Court. Mediators who have previously met this requirement through prior service on the court’s mediation panel are eligible to request to be placed on the “party pay” panel.

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