ADA - Americans With Disabilities Act

Disability Access

California Rules of Court, rule 1.100 states that "It is the policy of the courts of this state to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal and full access to the judicial system."

The Superior Court prides itself on its commitment to make the courts accessible to all persons. If you have a disability requiring reasonable accommodation, simply ask any clerk of the court for assistance.

ADA Grievance Policy

Reasonable Accommodation

If you have a disability and need an accommodation, you may request an application form ("Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities and Order" (MC-410)) from the clerk’s office. Or you can download the form here: Judicial Council Form No. MC-410. For additional information about the ADA accommodation process see: Questions and Answers About Rule of Court 1.100 for Court Users.

Complete the Application Form including the type of accommodation sought and the type of impairment requiring accommodation. The Court may request additional information about the impairment. The information you provide may be sealed at your request to protect your privacy. An Application may be denied only if the Court finds one or more of the following:

  1. The person applying for the accommodation failed to satisfy the requirements of C.R.C. Rule 1.100;
  2. The requested accommodation would "create an undue financial or administrative burden on the court;" or
  3. The requested accommodation would "fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program or activity."

File the Application Form as much in advance as possible, but at least 5 court days before the requested implementation date.

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